Footprints in the sands of time? They disappear, the legend says. But this city's 1990 babies will have their footprints preserved for at least a half-century.

That's because they're being placed in a time capsule, along with some identifying family information, that will be opened 50 years from now.The capsule will mark the completion of a major Main Street preservation project now under way.

In addition to the footprints, the capsule will contain student essays, clippings of local, state, national and world news events, videotapes of the town, photographs and the contributions of church and civic groups.

A several block area of Main Street is now on state and federal historic registers. The preservation project includes restoration of several buildings to preserve their historic identities, wider sidewalks, planters and landscaping, additional parking and other improvements designed to enhance Mt. Pleasant's old-time image as Hub City.

The project's purpose is twofold, city officials say: economic development and historic preservation.