The City Council recently voted to amend the city's alcoholic beverage ordinance to bring it up to date.

"These amendments will bring the city code in line with recent changes made by the state Legislature," Orem City Manager Daryl Berlin said.Despite the action, there are still some concerns, said Ted Peacock, director of Orem's Public Safety Department.

The distance requirement could cause some problems because of the wording, he said.

According to the ordinance, "No license (to sell, exchange or furnish alcoholic beverages) shall be granted within 660 feet of any church, school or public playground or park."

This distance is measured by following the shortest, ordinary legal route of pedestrian travel.

Peacock said some provisions need to be made for establishments that are near a church, school, playground or park, yet do not fall in the category because there is a major street between them but no intersection where pedestrians could cross.

City attorney Paul Johnson told the council that he has never been in favor of the distance requirement because it doesn't seem to make much difference.

The council, though voting to approve the amendments, agreed to discuss the issue again later.

Johnson also said that the state law is not clear whether the sale of alcoholic beverages must be supervised by an adult, but that is the interpretation that the city will use.

One specific change is that the city would no longer license establishments for on-premise alcoholic consumption. Only the state would do that. But the city must give consent.