One rural school district, the Sevier District, and two urban districts have won recognition for being "at the forefront" as the most attentive districts in the state in meeting the needs of child nutrition. The urban districts are Salt Lake and Weber.

The districts were honored by the Utah Academy of Preventive Medicine for reducing the fat content of school lunch menus, leading to more healthy and nutritious meals for students, according to Karen Pace, food services director in the Sevier District.She said the commendation letter encourages all school districts to follow the lead of the three districts by reducing the fat content of the diet for students to 30 percent or less of the total calories. This is recommended by the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society and the National Institute of Health.

Because many lifelong eating habits are developed during childhood, school lunch programs have an excellent opportunity to provide an example in this regard, it was noted.

Pace said menus and preparation methods vary among schools in the district, but cafeteria managers make a conscientious effort to reduce the amount of fats and high cholesterol fats.