Nationally noted artist Larry Winborg of Centerville recently displayed the finished artwork for the cover of the soon-to-be out Utah Fishing Proclamation. Winborg's work will also be released as open and limited edition prints. The artist said he got the idea by watching a niece and nephew fish one afternoon. This year's proclamation will come out as a 72-page magazine and will include all the rules and regulations, 16 pages of full-color fish identification, along with informative stories on fishing places and techniques. The proclamation was put together by Sam Webb, general manager of Utah Fishing. Winborg's artwork will be sold for $20 for the open print and $100 for one of 300 limited edition prints. For information call 451-5310 or write to Winborg Editions, 462 S. 275 East, Farmington, Utah 84025. Part of the proceeds from the prints will go to the Outdoor Resources Foundation of Utah for use on wildlife projects within the state.