A Provo family is launching a fund-raising effort to pay for their 14-year-old son's bone marrow transplant.

Robert Shawn Stoneman, son of Bob and Sabrina Stoneman, appeared healthy when he entered Provo High School in September. But just 10 weeks later, he was diagnosed with a severe case of aplastic anemia, a terminal disease that progresses rapidly, destroying the bone marrow's ability to produce blood cells. Without a marrow transplant, Shawn has a zero percent to 15 percent chance of survival.Friends and family launched the fund-raiser to pay the $150,000 deposit required to admit Shawn to the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. The cost of the transplant is expected to be more than $300,000.

A donor, who must have a matched set of antigens, is being sought through the National Marrow Donor Program.

The youth receives transfusions of blood and platelets every other day at Primary Children's Medical Center.

A trust fund has been established at First Security Bank. Blood donations can be given in Robert Shawn Stoneman's name at any local hospital.