The Sevier School District gained 66 students this year, mostly because of enrollment in the new Cedar Ridge High School. The school, located in Richfield, serves the needs of non-traditional students.

The district's enrollment is 4,746 as compared with 4,680 during the early part of the school year in 1989.The largest gain was in the South Sevier Middle School at Monroe with 46 more students. Koosharem was the only elementary school that didn't lose pupils.

In attendance areas, school in the South Sevier area gained 34 students and those in North Sevier increased by 11 while the Richfield area lost 14, exclusive of the Cedar Ridge School with a 43-student enrollment.

The largest school is Richfield High with 646 students, but it gained only 13 over last year. North Sevier High School in Salina increased by nine students and South Sevier High School in Monroe by eight.

Enrollment also increased in all three of the district's middle schools, including South Sevier with 46, North Sevier with 15 and Red Hills in Richfield with 22.

Elementary schools losing enrollment are Ashman in Richfield with a loss of 29; Monroe Elementary, minus 25; Pahvant Elementary in Richfield, minus 20 and Salina Elementary, minus 13. The Koosharem Elementary has 46, the same number as last year.

Individual school enrollments include Monroe Elementary, 598; Salina Elementary, 583; Ashman Elementary, 554; Pahvant Elementary, 423; Koosharem Elementary, 46; Red Hills Middle School, 562; South Sevier Middle School, 326; North Sevier Middle School, 299; Richfield High School, 646; South Sevier High School, 374; and North Sevier High School, 295.