Age: 35

Where born: South Gate, Calif.

Family: Husband, Brad E. Walton; mother, Norma R. Perry.

Education: Bachelor of science in journalism, Utah State University, 1976; accredited by Public Relations Society of America, 1986.

Primary products: Public relations, advertising, marketing.

Primary markets: Utah County and Utah.

Number of employees: 5.

Annual sales: $250,000.


First "real" job: Central Bank and Trust, Bankcard clerk at age 16.

Management style: Christian, employees participate in decisions, enjoy work.

Strategy for success: Professional and ethical service to client, mutual satisfaction of colleagues, profitability.

A memorable failure: One-year partnership that was dissolved due to incompatibility in values.

Heroes: Parents and husband.

Leisure time and hobbies: Backpacking, camping, music, voluntarism, writing.

Favorite book and movie: The Bible (particularly Romans), "Out of Africa."