A gunman stole more than $1 million in stocks and securities from an 81-year-old man after pushing his way into the man's apartment and forcing him to open a safe.

Samuel Rover was left bound and gagged by the robber Wednesday afternoon and wasn't found until a man who had come to paint his apartment found him Thursday morning, said Sgt. John Venetucci, a police spokesman. Rover was not injured.Rover said he was opening his door when the man forced his way into the apartment."The guy took all the stocks ($700,000) and Treasury bills ($525,000) in the safe," Rover said Thursday. "Then he tied me up. It's a good thing the painter came or I would have been a dead duck."

He said the robber also took $7,000 in jewelry and some cash.

Detectives said Rover may be able to recoup on the stocks and Treasury bills. Asked why he did not keep his valuables in the bank, Rover said, "I have other money in the bank."