A joint development agreement between Farmington City and Davis County for the county's fairgrounds site in west Farmington was approved reluctantly this week by the County Commission.

The approval brought some caustic comments from Commissioner Robert Rose who said he is offended by the city's requiring a $30,000 performance bond for construction of the fairgrounds facilities."I'm extremely offended by that approach," said Rose, adding it sets a precedent for the city to require a construction bond for other county projects.

Commissioner Dub Lawrence agreed but said getting the fairgrounds under way is more important than making a stand by refusing to approve the agreement and holding up construction.

Bids for construction of two buildings on the site in west Farmington are due next week, County Planner Barry Burton said.

The disagreement centers on $30,000 the city agreed to contribute to construction of a water line to the fairgrounds. The county agreed to install the line, extending the line installed earlier to service the county's new judicial complex adjacent to the fair site.

Farmington agreed to kick in $30,000 to purchase larger-size water pipe to serve future development the city anticipates in the area. But city officials say they don't have $30,000 in cash to contribute, so are setting the amount as a construction performance bond.

Disagreement on the construction terms follows almost two years of sometimes acrimonious wrangling between the city and county on building permit, hookup, and other impact fees the city refused to waive on the county's $20 million jail and court complex.

"In the past year of negotiations I've learned Farmington is difficult to live with," Lawrence said. "But this is not the issue to draw the line on. We need to get those buildings up if we're going to have a fair next year."