Cleaning up the mess left behind by departing Soviet troops is likely to cost tens of millions of dollars, the state CTK news agency reports.

The Ministry of Control estimates that damages to the environment and to buildings occupied by Soviet troops in Czech lands for the past 22 years will run as high as $28.5 million, CTK said Tuesday.The estimate did not include damage caused by Soviet soldiers in the country's eastern republic, Slovakia.

According to the report, most historical buildings in northern Bohemia have been damaged. The area around Ceska Lipa, near the borders with Poland and what was formerly East Germany, are the most severely damaged, CTK said.

The pullout of Soviet troops from Czechoslovakia began in February, but differences over financial compensation for damage they have caused during their 22-year stay have yet to be resolved.

Moscow has agreed to withdraw all the troops stationed on Czech territory by July 1991.