Building a new arena at the Salt Palace for the Utah Jazz is favored by half the residents of Salt Lake County, a new Deseret News/KSL-TV poll shows.

But pollster Dan Jones & Associates found 40 percent of county residents are opposed to the idea.Thirty-one percent of those polled said they strongly favor the new arena, while 19 percent said they are somewhat in favor.

Twenty-four percent said they are strongly opposed and 16 percent said they are somewhat opposed. Nine percent had no opinion.

Pollsters found the highest support for a new arena among residents younger than 35, those whose family income exceeds $40,000 annually and those who consider themselves political moderates.

Nearly two-thirds of those in the $40,000-plus category favored the arena, as did 61 percent of those in the 18-34 age group and those who call themselves moderates.

In comparison, 36 percent of those who call themselves very conservative favor the new arena, while 48 percent of those who say they are very liberal are in favor.

The greatest opposition came from older county residents and those with annual family incomes below $15,000. In both groups, just over half those polled were strongly or somewhat opposed.

More men than women favor the new arena, 56 percent and 45 percent of those polled, respectively. But 59 percent of women who work full-time outside the home are in favor, while 41 percent of women not employed outside the home favor the arena.