Have you ever seen a ball point pen made of 368-year-old gold? How about a fountain pen with President Bush's signature on the cap?

You'll have a chance next week as Office Essentials displays an exclusive exhibit of some of the world's most expensive writing instruments. The pens and pencils will be on display for one week beginning Friday, Dec. 7, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 120 N. University Ave.The world's most expensive production pen - a Waterman 18-karat gold pen valued at $8,000 - heads up the display. Also included is a Parker pen made of 18-karat gold and black onyx valued at $4,200.

One of the most interesting pens in the exhibit, says Office Essentials General Manager Steve White, is a 14-karat gold Fisher ball point pen valued at $2,000.The gold that ornaments the pen is 328 years old.

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