Troops in Saudi Arabia will soon be getting some videotaped holiday cheer from country singer Larry Gatlin and Utah Gov. Norm Bangerter.

Gatlin, who was told by military officials he couldn't preform for Desert Shield troops until February, taped a weekend performance at the Desert Inn Hotel and Casino for the holidays.Before the show, the wives of several Persian Gulf servicemen and the governors of six states who were in Las Vegas for the Western Governors' Conference taped messages to be included with the show.

The governors included Bangerter; Bob Miller, Nevada; John Waihee, Hawaii; Mike Sullivan, Wyoming; George Sinner, North Dakota; and George Mickelson, South Dakota, along with their wives.

The taping made for a poignant evening. The party crowd gave the Gatlin Brothers a standing ovation after a touching rendition of "Silent Night."

"We've got a lot of brave people over there," Gatlin told his audience. "I hope Saddam Hussein does the right thing so we don't have to open up a shoe store in his rear end."

A high school choir backed up the Gatlins on several numbers, including "Oh Come All Ye Faithful."

"Our prayers and best wishes are with our young men and women over in the desert," Gatlin told the audience. "Wouldn't it be a nice Christmas present if they could all just come home."

Gatlin urged the audience to "say a little prayer for brother George, too."