The aptly titled "Amuck In America" tour, featuring The Dead Milkmen, Mojo Nixon and The Cavedogs, comes to Salt Lake City Thursday for one show at the University of Utah Union Ballroom.

According to press releases, the Milkmen are "four Philadelphia smart guys who amuse themselves at the expense of Elvis cultists, Bruce Springsteen, sensitive young white people who dress in black and Texas guitar heroes." (Right.) They are perhaps best known for their alternative radio hit "Bitchin' Camaro," and they recently released a new album titled "Metaphysical Graffitti."Nixon, perhaps the most tongue-in-cheek songwriter since Frank Zappa, will showcase songs with titles like "Don Henley Must Die," "Destroy All Lawyers" and "Perry Mason of Love." (Of course.)

On "Joy Rides For Shut-Ins," The Cavedogs explore "what might have happened if John Lennon rather than Pete Towns-hend fronted the Who." (Say what?)