Solidarity leader Lech Walesa has widened his lead over dark-horse challenger Stanislaw Tyminski four days before the final presidential vote, according to an independent poll published Wednesday.

In another boost for Walesa, U.S. Defense Secretary Richard B. Cheney met with the Solidarity leader Wednesday in Gdansk and wished him "victory and success" in the runoff election."I have certain political experience, and I feel that I have talked today with the man who will win," Cheney, a former congressman, told Walesa in the presence of reporters at the end of their 40-minute meeting at Solidarity headquarters in Gdansk.

"I wish you victory and success in this difficult task," he said.

Tyminski had claimed during a rally Tuesday that he was invited to meet with Cheney but turned down the invitation.

A U.S. source said Tyminski was on the guest list for an embassy reception for Cheney but that no special meeting was planned.

In the poll, 61 percent of those questioned supported Walesa and 20 percent backed Tyminski. The remaining 19 percent were undecided, according to the survey conducted by the private polling service Demoskop and commissioned by the government-owned newspaper Rzeczpospolita.

An opinion poll conducted a week ago by state television put Walesa's support at 58 percent and Tyminski's at 30 percent.