To the editor:

The recent accusations against Logan Regional Hospital by River Heights Mayor John Stewart and the Cache Mayors Association are distorted and untrue. Stewart stated, "The key words that describe the hospital are greed, fraud, deception and hypocrisy." His concerns have been based on isolated instances, and he has chosen to approach them in an undemocratic, unreasonable manner.

As employees of LRH, we are disappointed and angered by Stewart's charges. We consider ourselves to be a group of dedicated professionals with high standards and integrity.

If LRH were as Stewart described, we would not be working in that type of environment. The truth is, we work for an organization whose management is sincerely dedicated to the interest of every individual, maintains a sense of fairness in the workplace and is committed to serving the most important people in the health care organization - our customers and patients.

The community deserves to know the majority of employees ar LRH are dedicated individuals committed to providing citizens with the best and most economical health care possible.

It is obvious that Stewart has done his "homework" as Mayor Webb of Smithfield indicated, but please do a little more on the practice of cost shifting, non-profit status, charity care, and quality health care for all regardless of ability to pay.

When he understands the "whole picture," he should inform those who elected him so they may understand the complicated issues facing the health care industry today. Then and only then can we begin to work toward turning negative concerns into positive solutions.

Wendy Gaddis

Hyde Park

and nine others