A 3rd District judge said he needs more time to decide whether or not condemned killer Ralph LeRoy Menzies should receive a new trial.

The Utah Supreme Court had instructed Judge Raymond Uno to make a decision about the new trial by Monday, but he said he will ask the court for more time to study the motion made by Menzies' defense attorneys."I need more time because there's more of the transcripts that have to be transcribed," said Uno. "We'll need to schedule meetings with the attorneys."

Attorney Brooke Wells, who represented Menzies during the 1988 murder and kidnapping trial, took the witness stand for several hours Monday and explained that the transcript from the trial is filled with errors - more errors than defense attorneys had originally thought.

After reviewing the original notes the court reporter took during the trial, Wells said she discovered hundreds of inaccuracies, omissions and embellishments in the transcript. Attorneys for Menzies say that the many significant errors make it impossible for an appellate court to review his death penalty case.

Menzies has been sentenced to die for the kidnapping and killing of Maurine Hunsaker from her gas-station attendant job on Feb. 23, 1986.