The Navajo election board has certified the results of last month's tribal presidential election and for a second time denied a runoff between the two top finishers.

The final tally, after absentee ballots were counted, gave President-elect Peterson Zah 23,941 votes to 16,736 for Leonard Haskie, the tribe's interim president. Write-in candidate George Lee received 12,002 votes, and Cecil Largo, another write-in, received 102 votes.Officials said the results of Saturday's official canvass did not change the outcome of the presidential race.

The Navajo Board of Election Supervisors also dismissed a second complaint that called for a runoff between Zah and Haskie.

Haskie filed the complaint, claiming that Lee was not properly certified.

Bessie Tsosie, acting director of the Navajo Election Administration, said Monday that there was no legal basis for a runoff.

"There is no such law at the present time. Only in the case of a tie and there was no tie," she said.

Haskie claimed in his complaint that write-in candidate Lee was not certified until the date of the election, Nov. 21. Tsosie said Lee was certified on Nov. 1.

An earlier complaint filed by Donald Benally, a member of the Tribal Council from Shiprock, N.M., also was rejected by the board.