Coca-Cola is testing a new version of cherry Coke and diet cherry Coke in Salt Lake City, Provo and Ogden. A news release said that "customers wanted a more intense cherry taste, similar to the one when cherry Coke was made at the local soda fountain." A six-pack of cherry Coke can be purchased on special for $1.99. Look for bright new packaging featuring a "rubine" red, silver and white color scheme.

Kay Hadley: "The Hadley crew are not Coke drinkers, but we gave in to try the new cherry Coke. As far as fountain-style taste, I am not qualified to make a fair comparison. However, cherry Coke is quite tasty and yes, it does have a very cherry flavor. It's worth a try if you enjoy Coke."Don Russell: "It seems fitting that I try this new product since I was just in Atlanta where I toured the new Coke Museum and taste tested several of their beverages.

"I had a difficult time distinguishing any differences in this new version. I suppose my only complaint remains the same - it needs even more cherry flavor!"

Judy Slack: "This is major good! I have also tried the diet cherry Coke and it really is fantastic, doesn't taste like a diet drink at all. I'm hoping this cherry Coke hits the vending machines real soon!

Edyth Jensen: "We had our daughter that loves Coke taste this and she said it had a really good cherry flavor."

Linda C. Tingey: "I liked this and will buy it again. It wasn't so carbonated and I really liked the smoother taste."

Conclusion: Most of our panelists thought the new cherry Coke had a delightful cherry flavor. They're ready to run out and buy some more. But as far as a fountain-style taste, we're all far too young to do a proper comparison!

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