Defending champion Garry Kasparov defeated Anatoly Karpov on Tuesday to take a one-point lead in the World Chess Championship after Karpov resigned on the 102nd move of the 16th game.

It was the fourth-longest game in final-round history.The marathon contest ended after almost 12 1/2 hours of play that stretched over four days.

Kasparov has a 8.5-7.5 point advantage in the match. The first player to gain 121/2 points wins the championship and $1.7 million of the $3 million purse. In the event of a tie, Kasparov retains the title.

The players had three draws previously in Lyon after 10 draws in 12 games in New York. There had been eight consecutive drawn games before Kasparov won.

The 16th game began Saturday and was adjourned after 40 moves. Analysts said Kasparov, playing white, had an advantage. But he was unable to beat Karpov after 48 more moves on Sunday.

After Kasparov took a time out to postpone game 17 that was scheduled for Monday, the two resumed game 16 on Tuesday. The 17th game was rescheduled for Wednesday.

Kasparov, although having a material advantage with a rook compared to Karpov's knight, was under time pressure. He had 11 minutes to complete 15 moves.

Adjourned positions Sunday:

Kasparov: Kc6, Re7, Be5, pg5.

Karpov: Kf8, Nh5, Bf5, pg6.

Kasparov Karpov

White Black

89. Ra7 Bg4

90. Kd6 Bh3

91. Ra3 Bg4

92. Re3 Bf5

93. Kc7 Kf7

94. Kd8 Bg4

95. Bb2 Be6

96. Bc3 Bf5

97. Re7 Kf8

98. Be5 Bd3

99. Ra7 Be4

100. Rc7 Bb1

101. Bd6 Kg8

102. Ke7 resigns