Whatever happened to Lauren Bacall? Is she still living? - J.W.B., Chesapeake, Va.

Stats: Born Sept. 24, 1924, in New York, N.Y., as Betty Joan Perske. Attended New York public schools, American Academy of Dramatic Art. Married twice: Humprhey Bogart, 1945-57, two children; Jason Robards, 1961-69, one son (actor Sam Robards).Early years: Bacall did minor stage roles, then started modeling. Mrs. Howard Hawks saw her on the cover of Harpers Bazaar and brought her to the attention of her producer/director husband.

Bacall made her movie debut in 1944's "To Have and To Have Not" with Humprhey Bogart. Bogie and "Baby" (his nickname for Bacall) married in 1945. Her devotion to Bogart during his long battle with cancer is Hollywood legend. He died in 1957.

Famous for: Her sultry glances - the studio dubbed her "The Look" - for her deep voice, shrewd manner.

In recent years: Bacall moved to Broadway in the 1960s and did successful plays, "Goodbye, Charlie," "Cactus Flower," "Applause" and "Woman of the Year," winning Tonys for the last two.

She makes an occasional movie, has written one autobiography, "Lauren Bacall, By Myself" (1979), and is working on another. She lives in New York.

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