Reported global cases of AIDS rose by 8,465, or 2.83 percent, in November to reach a total of 307,379 by Dec. 1, the World Health Organization reported.

The known total of acquired immune deficiency syndrome Oct. 31 had been 298,914.The United States reported 2,733 new cases in November for a total 152,231, or 49.53 percent, of the world figure.

At one time the United States accounted for two-thirds or more of known cases, but the U.S. percentage has fallen steadily in the past year as developing countries' reporting improved somewhat.

WHO said the true number of cumulative cases since 1980 is four times the officially reported total and is around 1.3 million.

That is because the Third World lacks the infrastructure needed to properly track the fatal disease.

Africa had 77,043 cases, considered by WHO to be only a fraction of the real number.

Europe had 41,564 reported cases as of Dec. 1 and Asia had 843. Oceania had 2,334, with Australia accounting for 2,081 of those.

The Americas had 185,595 cases on Dec. 1, including the U.S. figure.