Baghdad Betty obviously has never seen Bart Simpson. Betty, 1990's version of Tokyo Rose, is a product of the Iraqi propaganda machine, and her radio broadcasts are supposed to demoralize the U.S. forces in the Saudi desert. But a letter from Sgt. 1st Class Joseph J. Torregrossa indicates Betty isn't very well informed about American culture since she puts Bart in the matinee idol class. "Let me give you a Baghdad Betty quote," Torregrossa wrote. "Why are you Americans here? Don't you know you will die in the desert? While you are here your wives and girlfriends are dating American movie stars. Movie stars like Tom Selleck, Paul Newman and . . . Bart Simpson!' . . . Needless to say all the guys howled over that. We're all waiting for our letter, the `Dear John' one, the one dumping us for Bart."