On March 5, I sent an order for cloth name labels to a company called Designer's Choice. The order was not filled correctly. I didn't receive as many labels as I had asked for. The company advertises a "no quibble 100 percent guarantee."

I have tried to call the company's 800 number but it is impossible to get through.It is incomprehensible to me that the company can be so dilatory in handling business and still stay in business. I would appreciate a meaningful response to my problem as well as a full refund as promised in the 100 percent no quibble guarantee. - B.A., Bountiful.

Apparently you're right: The company cannot be so dilatory and still stay in business. According to the company in Des Moines, Iowa, that filled orders for Designer's Choice, the firm is no longer in business.

Our letter to the company was returned marked "Box closed. Return to sender."

We realize that "gone out of business" is a generic phrase that could mean any number of things. What it means to you is that you're out the rest of your order.

Weight loss foods

You have offered valuable service for many people. Can you also help me?

On March 14, I ordered a report, "Foods That Cause Weight Loss," from a company called Isabelle Martin in New York City.

It had a "no risk, money back guarantee." I paid $17.90 for this report and I have received nothing.

I sent Isabelle Martin a photocopy of my check showing that it had been cashed, and I have written the company several other times requesting a refund. I have received no response.

I am a senior citizen in my middle '70s. I can't afford to lose this money. Can you help me get a refund? - A.A., Kaysville.

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