Age: 45

Born: In Salt Lake City at Holy Cross Hospital, but reared (from day one) in South Salt Lake City.

Family: Wife, Susan; children, Charlene, 22; James, 16; Missy, 15; Steven, 13; Mindy and Cindy, 12; and Jenny and Brian, 7.

Education: B.S. in political science from University of Utah; Masters of Business Administration from University of Phoenix.

Occupation (before becoming mayor): Associate director of student housing at the University of Utah. Elected to South Salt Lake City Council in 1976; elected mayor/city administrator in 1978.

CITY STATS Size: 5 square miles

Mayor's salary: $54,425

Population: 60,000 daytime population; 15,000 residents.

Budget: $11,135,194i

Number of Employees: 100

PERSONAL Politics: Democrat

First "real" job: It's a toss-up between stamping the water gill cards for South Salt Lake City when I was 5 years old where I earned a penny for each card, or teaching music lessons on the trumpet starting at age 15. Both were very `real' jobs for me because they taught me responsibility and the value of creativity, hard work and saving money.

Management style: Participatory. Build confidence in your staff by establishing the vision of where you are going and then provide the right tools for them to do a good job in getting you there.

Why I like being mayor: Solving problems and making government work for people.

Why I hate being mayor: Not being able to solve everyone's problems.

Recipe for success: Keep all doors open. Everything is possible. Let time, events, money, etc. narrow out what may not be possible at this particular time.

A memorable failure: I applied for a job as director of housing for Utah State University, which I really wanted, but did not get. Six months later I was elected mayor. I really believe that it is more important to have tried and failed than to not have tried at all.

Heroes: Thomas Jefferson - because of his philosophies and what he was able to leave behind in his writings. Neal Maxwell and J.D. Williams, both U. of U. professors, for their ability to make me reach and see beyond what was comfortable for me.

Leisure: Downhill skiing, hiking, river running and playing the trumpet.

Favorite book: "Brothers Karamazov," by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Favorite movie: "How Green Was My Valley."