The Sevier School District has launched Project BEST - Building Excellent Schools for Today and Tomorrow - a program that emphasizes and encourages partnerships between schools and local businesses.

The board of education supported the concepts and goals of the project through a resolution, members agreeing that it is a cooperative effort with mutual benefits to students, schools, the community and businesses. It draws its name from the need to visualize and plan for education's role in the 21st century, according to Superintendent Brent Rock.The superintendent said BEST is a plan of action involving the business community in addressing the issues facing education in today's world and to plan for tomorrow. "The purpose of the project is not to dwell on gloom and doom through the endless dissemination of disheartening statistical data."

The superintendent added that the project "provides board members and administrators with the means of developing a positive and comprehensive plan for heightening public awareness of the issues, enlisting public support for education programs and activities and creating an effective communication network for education and issues.

"Most importantly, it directly involves the community in reaching positive solutions to the issues that threaten the ultimate success of our educational system." Its goals are also to establish durable, mutually beneficial relationships between education and business, recognizing taxpayers as "shareholders" in providing quality education.

It was announced that a speakers bureau is being developed to share with clubs and civic groups the district's video, "Utah's Challenge."

In some presentations, high school and elementary students sing a song by teacher Elaine Wayland about goals and aspirations of children, titled "All That I Can Be." A communications program will also be developed and implemented to change perceptions about education.

Although not part of Project BEST, a district public relations committee has been formed with one faculty member from each school selected by principals. It is generally a part of the career ladder job enlargements.