Two passenger jets on the ground at the Detroit airport struck wingtips Monday and one, a DC-9, was reported on fire, officials said.

At least 50 people were injured, according to WXYZ-TV. University of Michigan Burn Unit has been asked to provide help at the scene, the station reported."Two Northwest planes were on the ground and their wingtips struck," said Joanne Sloane, a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman.

The collision involved the Northwest Airlines DC-9 and a Northwest 727 and that it occurred at 1:45 EST, she said.

One of the planes could be seen surrounded by emergency vehicles, smoke pouring from what appeared to be a burned fuselage, tail blackened by fire.

At least three hospitals were put on emergency alert to accept injured people from the collision.

A dozen emergency vehicles, lights flashing, surrounded the burning plane.

The wingtips of the planes struck each other as one plane was preparing to take off.

Weather was overcast, and the ground was wet from a morning snow and sleet storm.