If your head's spinning after learning that you've been charged $6.75 for spin-balancing each of your tires in Salt Lake City, there's good news: The cost of aspirin to get your head back to normal is much less in Utah's capital city than in most other U.S. cities.

Chart:Tire 100-tablet

Balance Bayer Aspirin

San Diego $9.20* $4.87

Seattle $7.38 $4.49

Salt Lake City $6.75 $3.69

Provo/Orem $6.55 $3.70

Denver $6.35 $3.44

St. George $6.04 $4.36

Cedar City $5.10 $4.56

U.S. Average $6.10 $4.32

*Highest in U.S.

SOURCE: American Chamber of Commerce REsearchers Association, 1990