A man whose 30-year-old daughter said she watched him kill her best friend, then repressed the memory for 20 years, was convicted of murder.

Sentencing for George Franklin Sr., 51, who was convicted Friday, was scheduled for Jan. 20. The former firefighter faces a maximum sentence of life in prison with possibility of parole.Franklin was arrested at his Sacramento home in November 1989 after his daughter, Eileen Franklin-Lipsker, told authorities she saw him sexually assault 8-year-old Susan Nason and then beat her to death with a rock in 1969.

She said the memory came flooding back last year as she looked at her own daughter, who resembles her childhood friend.

"There can't be a true victory for me because my father's still going to prison," Franklin-Lipsker said. "I'm extremely relieved that it's over. I know I've done the right thing."

She hugged the victim's sobbing mother, Margaret Nason, as the verdict was read.

Franklin trembled and took a few deep breaths before the verdict was read, but sat impassively as it was announced. He refused to talk with reporters afterward.

The slain child's body was found at the bottom of a ravine near the Northern California coastal city of Half Moon Bay about 10 weeks after she vanished from her nearby Foster City neighborhood on Sept. 22, 1969.

Franklin-Lipsker testified that on that day her father took her with him in his van to run some errands, stopping on the way to pick up the victim.

He stopped the van near a reservoir and assaulted the girl, Franklin-Lipsker testified, then smashed her head with a rock.