Jack W. loves dogs and other animals.

The 10-year-old is a likable child with lots of emotional problems due to a past of abuse, neglect and rejection. But in his current foster home, he seems to be making progress. He was involved with camp and recreational programs over the summer and got along well with the other children, which is a significant improvement for Jack.Jack was born in March 1980 and will be in fourth grade this fall. Test scores show that he has low average intelligence and some difficulties with motor skills and visual perception. He will need to spend part of each day in a special education classroom that will provide the structure he needs.

Medication helps control his hyperactivity and ongoing therapy is helping him understand his past experiences and deal with his feelings.

The Exchange is looking for an experienced, two-parent family with children several years older than Jack. He will need to stay in touch with his younger brother, Chris, and with his grandparents.

An adoption subsidy may be available.