Aggravated burglary charges were dismissed against a former Ogden man, whom prosecutors believed was involved in a burglary in which another Ogden man was killed.

Second District Judge Ronald O. Hyde Wednesday dismissed the first-degree felony charge against Brad Bromage, 37, Arizona.Bromage was arrested late last year in connection with the April 15, 1984, burglary of Andrew J. Hansen's home in Ogden Canyon. The 22-year-old victim was apparently shot to death while struggling with an armed man at the door.

Assistant Weber County Attorney William Daines asked that the charge be dismissed, noting that another charge may be filed later against Bromage. "We don't want to go to trial on an aggravated burglary charge," Daines said.

Bromage testified during a 1987 murder trial that he was a marijuana dealer. He was given immunity for his testimony.