Did Hollywood stardom pass you by?

For $7,500 a person, Hollywood Fantasy Corporation is offering the chance to try a week of life as a movie star. After being cast for one of about a dozen scripts, vacationers will spend a week in Palm Springs, Calif., rehearsing and receiving voice training and acting lessons, as well as fashion and beauty advice.At week's end, vacationers will star in their own movie alongside the actors Elliott Gould and Maxwell Caulfield. Participants receive a videocassette of the final edited version of their production and of highlights from the week's rehearsals and parties. The package, scheduled for Jan. 6 through Jan. 13, includes a private villa at the Palm Springs Marquis Hotel, a chauffeured limousine to and from the hotel, and admission to Palm Springs International Film Festival events. Additional movie fantasy vacations are planned for Palm Beach, Fla., in March and San Antonio in April. Information: 800-545-8050. ---- Bulgaria and Hungary have joined Czechoslovakia in eliminating visa requirements for American citizens. The policy changes, which took effect Oct. 3 in Bulgaria and Nov. 1 in Hungary, apply to Americans planning to stay up to 30 days in Bulgaria and up to 90 days in Hungary. Czechoslovakia exempted Americans from visa laws last May. Yugoslavia, which temporarily lifted its visa requirements in July to promote tourism, will reinstate its visa laws on April 1, 1991. After then, visitors will need to obtain visas, which are free, at the border or by applying in advance to the nearest consulate. Romania continues to issue visas, good for up to 30 days, to travelers at the border; Poland still requires visitors to apply for visas in advance, through a consulate. (Allow two weeks for processing and provide exact travel dates.) Both countries offer single-TH and multiple-entry visas. Colombia no longer requires American visitors to obtain a visa or tourist card. To make multiple visits and stay for up to 90 days in a given year, Americans now need present only a valid passport and a ticket for entering and leaving the country.