Superman may be indestructible but Lois Lane isn't. Margot Kidder, who played the girlfriend of the man of steel in the Superman movies, is suing a Canadian television production company because of an accident on the set of a new series called "Nancy Drew and Daughter" that left her in a wheelchair. Kidder, 42, said she and guest star Polly Bergen were being filmed driving in a 1961 Rambler convertible in mid-October when the brakes seized and they were thrown forward. Kidder says she was in pain but continued to work and the pain then became so bad that she couldn't walk. Bergen has been quoted as saying the pair did "what actresses usually do in a situation like that. We pretended nothing had happened and went on and did our work." A spokesman for the Nelvana production company said the company's insurers will undertake a full investigation of the situation and Kidder's role is now being recast.