The National Federation of Urban-Suburban School Districts has recognized programs in Jordan and Granite districts as "beacons of hope."

The federation, in a publication by that name, identifies two dozen schools across the country that have programs meeting the national goals for education set by President Bush and the nation's governors.Jordan District is recognized for its Discipline School, a program that promotes the goal of schools that are drug-free and well-disciplined. The program is designed for middle school students with chronic behavior problems and offers these students and their parents an opportunity to discuss alternatives to the problem behaviors.

The school provides training in anger replacement techniques and negotiation skills. Students are helped to identify the stimuli that provoke their anger and to replace the negative response with a more reasoned reaction. Parents are required to participate and receive eight hours of training in parenting skills.

Granite District's adult basic education and high school completion programs are cited by the federation as exemplary approaches to the national goal of total adult literacy in the United States by the year 2000.

The district offers several projects to help illiterate adults and dropouts of any age. Programs incorporate the Laubach curriculum for adults, use specially trained teachers, capitalize on volunteers in the Literacy Action Center and provide individualized instruction for adult students.

The federation is dedicated to the principles of the six national goals, the publication says. Besides those goals mentioned above, the president and governors set objectives for early preparation of children for school; a 90 percent graduation rate; competency in major academic subjects; and American primacy in mathematics and science.

Jordan District recently hosted a meeting of the federation in Salt Lake City.