The speaker of the Navajo Nation Council has refused to call a special session to discuss, among other matters, a resolution that would free suspended tribal Chairman Peter MacDonald and his son from jail.

Council Speaker Nelson Gorman said Wednesday that matter and others on a petition for a special session would have to be discussed in a regular council session because they related to the Navajo Tribal Code.The Navajo Tribal Court would have to be consulted on the resolution to free the MacDonalds, he added.

MacDonald and his son, Peter "Rocky" MacDonald, were convicted last month on charges of bribery, fraud and ethics violations, but were temporarily released from jail earlier this month to work on their appeals and their defenses in a second trial. Jury selection for that trial began this week.

The second trial involves the tribe's purchase of the Big Boquillas Ranch, which the tribe bought for $7.2 million more than a company paid for it earlier that day.