Despite arguments it indoctrinates children in violence and the occult, a state Department of Education committee has voted 7-6 to recommend including the controversial "Impressions" series on a list of accepted reading and literature texts for Idaho public schools.

"We adhered to our philosophy that we are a multiple-adoption state, and we do adopt more than one series of books for all subject areas," Orville Reddington, Education Department coordinator for social studies and textbooks and executive secretary of the review committee, said Wednesday.Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Mississippi have rejected use of the "Impressions" series.

Recently, the Utah State Textbook Commission considered the same series and decided to leave it on the list of acceptable texts. Opponents were critical of the books' negative content and stories and illustrations related to the occult. Proponents said that children enjoy "scary stories" and that they should be exposed to a wide range of reading.