Sol Weinberg has the enthusiasm of a kid just out of law school.

Weinberg is practically just out of law school, but he's no kid.The Camp Hill resident, who recently became a Dauphin County assistant district attorney, is 65.

He retired as a lieutenant colonel after a 24-year Army career, including combat in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Weinberg remembers reading at 15 about Clarence Darrow, the celebrated attorney of the "Scopes Monkey Trial."

"The seed was planted years ago and never left the back of my mind," he said. Last year he became what officials at Dickinson Law School believe is their oldest graduate.

His new boss, District Attorney Richard A. Lewis, said Weinberg's age wasn't really a consideration in his hiring for the $24,000-a-year job.

"True, most of our attorneys are right out of law school and in their mid- to late 20s," said Lewis. "There are some exceptions to that rule but very few. But in Sol's case, anybody who wants to be a district attorney that bad deserves it."