Age: 39.Where born: Santa Monica, Calif.

Family: Wife Cindy and daughter Megan.

Education: Bachelor of arts in history and certificate in Russian and Eastern Europe studies, both from California State University-Long Beach.

Primary products: Macintosh computers, printers, peripherals and software.

Primary markets: Business, education and consumer markets worldwide.

Number of employees: 11,500 corporate, 9 in Salt Lake City.

Annual sales: $5.2 billion.


First "real" job: Costumed character in the entertainment division of Disney.

Management style: Leader and coach first, administrator second.

Strategy for success: Empower employees with responsibility and accountability. Allow them to create an intimacy with their jobs.

A memorable failure: Attempting to create a blackjack probability calculation program. The reality check got expensive.

Heroes: Those who dream big then build big for society.

Leisure time and hobbies: Skiing, golf, basketball and "Macintoshing" after hours.

Favorite book and movie: Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins and The Natural and Field of Dreams (quests that grab your heart.)