Sensors, filters and electronic devices are among the seven patents granted Utah inventors by the United States Patent Office.

Allen R. Grahn and Lynn Astle, both Salt Lake City. A tactile sensor using ultrasonic transducer means. Filed Sept. 25, 1984. Patent 4,964,302.Stephen C. Jacobsen and John E. Wood, both Salt Lake City. A flexible force transducer for measuring force applied along an axis. Assigned to Sarcos Group, Salt Lake City. Filed April 3, 1989. Patent 4,964,306.

Myrle E. Astrope and Norman P. Bushman, both Pleasant Grove. Method and apparatus using bituminous sandstone for pavement repair. Filed Aug. 21, 1989, a division of application Jan. 20, 1988. Patent 4,964,752.

Steven S. Davis, Bountiful. Membrane filter plate. Assigned to Baker Hughes Inc., Houston. Filed March 2, 1990, a division of application Feb. 6, 1989. Patent 4,964,986.

Max A. Mueller, Centerville. Horizontal belt filter guide. Assigned to Baker Hughes Inc., Houston. Filed June 30, 1988. Patent 4,964,988.

Paul M. Jessop, Salt Lake City. Adaptation of a pipetter. Assigned to Ballard Medical Products, Midvale. Filed Jan 18, 1989. Patent 4,965,050.

Steven T. Barham, Salt Lake City, and Michael J. Hurst, West Jordan. Apparatus for calculating distortion levels resulting from compressing frames of digital data. Assigned to Unisys Corp., Blue Bell, Pa. Filed Jan 17, 1989. Patent 4,965,830.

Copies of patents are available by number for $1.50 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington DC 20231.