Photographer Paul Fetters believes the most revealing photographs are those that capture their subjects in mid-air. Literally.

"It's pretty hard to maintain your cool jumping," Fetters says. "You can't hold on to your mask while you're in the air."Fetters' series of photographs of prominent people living in the nation's capital was published in Washingtonian magazine.

Fetters, 37, photographed Mayor-elect Sharon Pratt Dixon, as well as the man Dixon will succeed as mayor. Marion Barry, who faces prison for a drug conviction, and his wife, Effi, jumping together while holding hands.

"She was was one of the first people to agree to do this," Fetters said. "The mayor agreed after that. We ended up doing it in his office. He really wanted to hold her hand. They both were laughing, having a good time." Effi Barry has since moved out of the couple's house.

Fetters said he considers his photograph of Dixon the best of the bunch.

It shows a joyous Dixon with her arms outstretched as if she had just captured an important prize.

Fetters also captured FBI Director William Sessions, the father of a ballet dancer, in the jumping pose.

"He had a couple of body guards, press guys, a secretary - all telling him how to do it," Fetters said. "They said, `Keep your arms down. Don't jump too high.' He told me, `I'm ready. On three.' Then he jumped almost exactly the same way four times. The director had some sense that people will remember this picture of him."

His aides argued whether the American flag should be in the background. It was.

"The idea of a jumping photograph is to reveal something," Fetters said. "A lot of times, most pictures are predictable. I think these were different."