People looking for jobs in the first quarter of 1991 will find a satisfactory employment climate, according to an employment outlook survey conducted by Manpower Inc., Milwaukee, Wis.

The survey shows that in the first three months of 1991, 23 percent of the businesses interviewed said they intended to add employees, 61 percent plan no changes and 16 percent will reduce employees."Hiring expectations are holding steady for the upcoming quarter," said Robert Katz, a Manpower spokesman. A year ago, the figures were the same as they are this year.

Katz said typically there is a drop-off in hiring activity after the fourth quarter levels. Three months ago, 23 percent of those interviewed planned employment additions and only 6 percent planned cutbacks.

In the first quarter of 1991, job opportunities look best in mining and durable and non-durable goods manufacturing while construction and public administration show less potential.

Nationally, the survey shows that 15 percent of the more than 15,000 businesses interviewed plan to increase their hiring in the next quarter.