The Peterson, with its barn-shaped gambrel room, is a no-nonsense vacation get-away with a distinctively country flavor. The compact design helps keep building costs low and maintenance time at a minimum. A deck, which wraps around two-thirds of the home, provides a substantial increase in living space when weather permits.

Unlike an A-frame cabin, where the steep roofline leaves minimal usable floorspace on the second floor, the gambrel-roofed cabin loses very little of its upstairs space to the roof slope. Consequently, both upstairs bedrooms are much larger than those usually found in small cabins.Each of the bedrooms has its own closet, and they share a bath. The one with the balcony is sure to be the favorite. Built in a location with a panoramic view, this perch would be ideal for watching sunsets, birds, changing seasons and wildlife or keeping an eye on children.

The living area, downstairs, is also quite large, open andbright. With the fireplace so close to the front door, dirty and snowy footgear can be shucked immediately after entering, and left to dry where it's warm. The stairway is also conveniently close, allowing people to run upstairs quickly, for dry clothing.

Despite its compact size, the galley kitchen offers more cupboard and counter space than most cabin designs. The main floor bathroom has cafe doors, and a compartmentalized water closet, allowing two people privacy at once.

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