Argentine Interior Minister Mera Figueroa said rumors of a plot to kill President George Bush during his visit to Argentina next week are not true.

Figueroa told reporters Thursday evening the rumors were leaked by "some state organism" that he declined to identify and he said President Carlos Menem "has decided to investigate the origin of the information."He said the information was published as a result of "inexact information that has some grains of truth, that came from a state organization and this is extremely serious."

The truthful parts of the plot, according to the minister, was that police arrested a Bolivian man, Carlos Monzon, on Nov. 22 for holding "false documentation."

Figueroa said Monzon "is accused of being a member of a terrorist organization" in Bolivia but that the accusation has not been proven.

"I will wait until the judge in the case hands down his ruling," he said.

A reporter for the newspaper Diario Popular, which published the information Thursday, identified his source to United Press International as the Argentine federal police and said the judge in the case, Alberto Duran, confirmed the plot in his written ruling.

Police Commissary Julian Blanco told UPI early Thursday a non-Argentine man was arrested in a suspected plot to kill Bush. The official said the arresting officers were members of the Special Operations Group, the SWAT team of the Province of Buenos Aires.