A multicultural panel of Boise State University students has discussed ethnic diversity with Centennial High School seniors in Meridian.

But some of the Centennial students still believe an anti-Mormon "No Mo Society" on their campus is just a joke.The group of BSU students Wednesday talked to 500 Centennial seniors about religious and racial issues and also related some of their experiences of living in a predominantly white society.

Teacher Penny Andrew said she asked the panel - comprising BSU students of ethnic minorities - to speak to her classes last summer, long before she was aware of Centennial's "No Mo Society."

Andrew said she thought Centennial students, who are mostly white, would benefit from exposure to different cultures.

The "No Mo" group circulated flyers attacking the teachings of the Mormon religion this fall. School officials have said the group is not an officially sanctioned club.

Senior Brandi Pettinger said sometimes she feels Mormon students try to "push their views" on others. "It's not right. Because if you do that, you are insinuating you are superior to them."

Some Mormon students have said they were bothered by the fact that such a group would be established. Other Mormon students said it did not bother them.

Panel coordinator and Navajo Indian Isadore Gorneau III said he hoped the high schoolers would learn to recognize bias even when it is condoned by their peers.