DEAR ABBY: For several years, I worked for a man who had a lot of trouble with the truth. Apparently, he is still lying. Although I no longer work for him, the woman he has been dating called me recently for some information about him. I acknowledged that she had guessed the truth about one area of his past, but I immediately regretted I had said anything.

When she started quizzing me further, I suggested that she ask him directly - which she has never done. She seemed annoyed with my refusal to tell her more than I had. It seems that she plans to go to Houston (without telling him) to track down the whole story. I told her that the answers she wants are not so bad, but I felt that the telling of his story was up to him. She still insisted that she had no intention of asking him.Although I am not in touch with this man, I've considered contacting him to tell him that he needs to be honest with this woman - especially since she has already guessed some of the truth. I've also thought of calling her back and suggesting that he may be annoyed when he finds out she made a trip to Houston - the people at that end will probably tell him. I also hesitate to do that. Shall I just keep out of it and not call anyone? Thanks for helping. - UNEASY IN NEW MEXICO

DEAR UNEASY: Your last idea was by far your best. Don't call anyone. And in the future, the less you say to anyone concerning a third party - especially to a stranger on the telephone - the better.

DEAR ABBY: I own a small pet shop in Illinois. Today when I came to work, I noticed a box in my parking lot. When I opened the top, a large cat jumped out! A note inside read, "Hi! My name is Bear. I am very friendly. I know you will find a good home for me because you love animals, too."

Well, I didn't find a good home for Bear, because the frightened animal slipped out of my hands and into the street in the middle of traffic and was killed instantly.

Abby, people have dumped boxes of sick kittens, malnourished puppies, half-dead rabbits, baby hamsters and guinea pigs at my store with no note - nothing! As far as I am concerned, these people have no hearts and no brains. My veterinary bills for these animals have run into the hundreds of dollars in the two years I've been in the pet shop business. I simply cannot afford to take care of other people's problems.

Abby, please tell your readers to take these animals to the local Humane Society so they can find homes for them or euthanize them. Although "putting down" an animal is not an easy thing to do, it's far more humane than letting a cat fry in the heat in someone's parking lot or get killed in traffic. - LOVES ANIMALS IN CHICAGO

DEAR LOVES ANIMALS: Thanks for giving a voice to the voiceless.

DEAR ABBY: Who said, "I'd rather be right than be president"? I say it was Wendell Willkie. My husband says it was Adlai Stevenson. - EUNICE AND SHELDON

DEAR E. AND S.: You're both wrong. It was Henry Clay, who campaigned unsuccessfully for president five times. (P.S. I think what this country needs is a person who can be right and be president at the same time.)

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