More than 400 members of the Utah Army National Guard's 144th Evacuation Hospital are at a mobilization station at Fort Carson, Colo., preparing for a deployment to the Middle East.

Rick, a sergeant with the hospital, sent the following poem to his wife, Nancy. "It's our feelings," she said of the poem. "We that are here need these feelings to come out.""The Way I Feel"

I love this land America.

Her citizenship I prize.

To serve in her armed forces

Is a dream I've realized.

You need not be a brave man

Or want to fight a war,

But if you love this land as I do,

You know it's worth fighting for.

As I ready for this conflict

That they say will turn to war,

I think about a mad man

Too greedy to ignore.

We can't let him be a tyrant

Or a Hitler in disguise,

So we know we have to stop him

Even with the cost figured in lives.

Our leaders are not perfect -

Of this we all are sure.

But if I'm fighting for my country,

I'll follow them to war.