Utah military units placed on alert or called to active duty during the past week:

- The Utah Army National Guard notified about 125 members of its 625th Military Police Company in Murray Tuesday that they are on alert for a possible 180-day activation.- The Army Reserve at Fort Douglas called up about 50 members of the 321st Medical Detachment beginning Thursday. The group is expected to leave Utah for Fort Carson, Colo., sometime next week. The detachment's ultimate destination has not been disclosed.

- The balance of Utah's Marine Reservists were notified Friday they are to report for active duty Dec. 9. The group is Company F, Second Battalion, 23rd Regiment, 4th Marine Division and is a light infantry division that has about 100 members, about 30 of whom live in the Las Vegas area. The combat unit can be called to active duty by President Bush for as many as 360 days.