The Air Force is sending more warplanes, including F-111 tactical fighter-bombers and the once-secret F-117A Stealth fighter, to the Persian Gulf area to expand America's offensive air power, officials said Friday.

The Air Force also announced plans to order to active duty for the first time in the gulf crisis Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve combat units. They will include tactical aircraft such as A-10 tank-killers, F-16 fighters and RF-4C photo-reconnaissance aircraft from U.S.-based airfields, it said. Previous call-ups of Air Force reservists were for non-combat support duties.The Air Force said a second contingent of F-117A Stealth aircraft, so called because of its radar-evading qualities, will deploy next week to the Arabian Peninsula. They will fly Sunday from the 37th Tactical Fighter Wing at Tonopah Test Range, Nev., to Langley Air Force Base, Va., and then head for the Middle East later in the week, the Air Force said. The number of aircraft was not disclosed.