A nun won the $13,000, fire-engine-red sports car raffled off to raise money for a struggling parochial school in Yakima, Wash. As they say, the Lord moves in mysterious ways. Sister Rebecca Berghoff, though, returned the Geo Storm with magnesium wheels to the dealer. It's not appropriate "for a nun to be streaking around in a car like that," the 65-year-old nun said. She said she never considered keeping the car, though she did sit in it for a moment. The refund she got will help ease budget problems at the 300-student St. Joseph-Marquette School, where she is principal. The youngsters sold 32,000 of the $1 tickets for Saturday's drawing, and the principal bought 30 of them. "All I was hoping for was that it would go to someone we knew, and someone who needs it," she said.