The people who run the Baldwin Avenue Human Services Center are praying that no one comes forward to claim an old coat with a special lining that was donated last spring.

A volunteer sifting through a bag of used clothing this week found $5,000 in small bills stashed in the coat's lining.The discovery was like a dream come true for the non-profit center, which faces a projected $75,000 budget shortfall.

But the center will have to wait at least six months before it can officially keep the money. That's the waiting period required by law for claims to be filed.

Police said Thursday they were holding the money and coat. They released no descriptions of either, hoping to use those details to verify any claims.

The Rev. Patricia Meyers, executive director of the center, said the money may have belonged to an elderly person who died and whose clothing was given away. Many people who lost their savings during the Depression don't trust banks, she noted.